Monday, October 20, 2008

Staci and Jamon sittin in a tree...

Well, I am finally getting around to making this blog entry after a week; I'm sorry for the wait but in perspective it really isn't that long to wait.

I am so happy to able to write this, I AM GOING TO MARRY STACI WILCOCK!!!!! YIPEE!!!

My proposal was simple but it did come at a cost. I had already purchased the ring and talked to her dad Saturday morning and I was long boarding on my way over to propose and thinking about this very large step in my life when KABLAM I crashed on my longboard breaking my elbow. I was able to finish riding to her place, some may think it was foolish of me to continue on my long board but I figured it would get myself there quicker and also I was feeling a little light headed and almost fainted, I'm not sure I would have been able to walk over there. Another side story is there was a guy and a girl getting into a parked car right behind me and they didn't see if I was alright, they must have seen at least some part of the crash and yet not even a quick "you all right?" I would have told them I was fine anyway but I would have appreciated the concern. Back to the important story.

I got over to Staci's place, she doctored me up, and we went to the insta-care. I was really worried because although I left the ring in my jacket at her place I did have a card in my wallet with the ring info on it and she needed to pull out my medical insurance card; I was really worried she would see it but luckily she didn't. The entire time while at the doctors I was either thinking this really hurts or I should be engaged already. It was especially annoying when after putting Staci's name down as my emergeny contact info the nurse asked our relationship and I had to say girlfriend and not fiance.

Afterwards we watched the BYU vs New Mexico game at Tyson's apartment with the ring in my jacket pocket while Staci used it as a blanket, that made me especially nervous. After the game we watched a movie then went back to her place and finally about 11 hours behind schedule I proposed. For more, and different details check out my fiance's website :-)

We just spent the weekend in Houston visiting her sister and bro-in-law, the only family members I hadn't met yet. It was a lot of fun and really nice weather. We even tried to take some engagement photos but none of them really turned out very well.

We are getting married Feb. 7, 2009 in the St. George temple, a reception will be in Enoch, UT (right next to Cedar City) that night, an open house will be in Provo, UT on Thursday Feb 12 and then another one in Sparks, NV on Valentine's day; I know, a bit cheesy but Staci really wanted to have it that night. Actually it just works that way even though Staci doesn't want to have it on Valentine's Day, it could be the 13th but only if the 14th absolutely won't work.

We are really happy and are enjoying the engaged life and are eagerly awaiting married life.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Temple in Rome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy right now, I almost hesitate to write about this because I don't think I'll adequately describe my feelings. I can tell you that when the announcement was made I raised my arms up in joy, everyone in the room looked at me (because I predicted they would announce a Rome temple) and I was speechless, one of the few times in my life that I've been speechless. And I would be lying if I said my eyes stayed dry.

Rome has a very rich history (just call me Captain Obvious) and was the center of the Western world for over a thousand years when you consider the reign of the Caesars and the Popes. Italy was the center of the Renaissance and was therefore instrumental in coming out of the dark ages. It is home to some of the great artists, musicians, and thinkers of the past two millennia. And yet Italy has a brighter future than past. There are a number of prophecies made by modern prophets about Italy and its place in the church. Lorenzo Snow dedicated the land for the preaching of the Gospel and after WWII Ezra Taft Benson rededicated the land for the preaching of the Gospel and in both prayers marvelous blessings were promised.

I would like to inform everyone about the very first Italian and most likely Roman Catholic convert. His name was Giuseppe Taranto and he was born in Cagliari, Sardegna (I've been there) and moved to Sicily when he was young. His family was very poor and so he left home to become a sailor in order to provide better for his family (he wasn't married). He came to America and decided to start a business in Boston providing fresh produce to merchant ships in the harbor, sort of like a boat to boat produce salesman. He was very succesful at this and was able to save a substantial amount of money. He met missionaries and accepted the Gospel but didn't join the saints in Nauvoo but stayed in Boston. Oh and before he accepted the Gospel he had a dream one night in which he was told to give his gold to the prophet, Brigham. After the martydom and an accident in the harbor when he almost lost his life (he never learned to swim) he decided to join the saints in Nauvoo. At this time the Church was very strapped for cash and was having a very hard time coming up with the financial means to continue building the temple. Brigham Young called a meeting and announced that they would have to cease work on the temple unless the Church could come up with more money. This was the same day that Giuseppe Taranto arrived in Nauvoo; upon hearing that announcement he then understood his dream he had years ago and saught an audience with Brigham Young during which he gave the Church his life savings of about $6000 in gold. These funds were enough to keep the Church going and able to finish the temple which allowed so many of the saints to receive their endowments.

And now more than a hundred and fifty years later Italy will be getting a temple.

There is more I would like to write but I need to get this posted.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rosh Hashanah Woes

So yesterday was Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year (Sept. 30). For this holiday it is custom to focus on cleansing one's life of sin in preparation for Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement). In institute last night (where I was reminded of these things) my teacher mentioned how Christians and Jews have many similarities and because of this it can be benefitial to be aware of Jewish customs. I find it fascinating the way other people worship and I try to learn as much as possible from other cultures; however, this is not why I titled this entry "Rosh Hashanah Woes".

My complaint is with Congress for having the nerve to take a day of vacation right in the midst of the greatest financial crisis the nation has faced since the great depression, and possibly the second greatest financial crisis in the history of the US. I don't just think they should have worked because it was just a Jewish holiday, if this was in December I would expect them to work on Christmas also (maybe not Christmas morning though). The are the leaders of this nation and they were elected and are paid by our money to serve the people, why then are they taking a couple days off for a holiday that most of them probably don't even understand let alone recognize themselves. They should be working non stop until this issue is resolved. Although perhaps the best thing for them to do is to leave Washington and do nothing, the current Congress doesn't exactly instill confidence and hasn't really accomplished anything of note in the past four years, and what's more, who's to say that their "answer" won't cause more problems.

Another thing that annoys me is how even now members of Congress are playing politics. John McCain suspended his campaign to try to help in Washington by doing his job and working out a solution to this problem (I don't think he had to announce to the world he was 'suspending his campaign', if it was purely altruisticly motivated and not to look more presidential to get a boost in the poles why didn't he just go and not announce it, perhaps there are logistical intricacies that I don't understand). The Democratic Congress then announced that they had an agreed upon bill that would pass the vote when in reality they didn't. The vote came and failed by about 20 votes (which could have easily been covered by Democrats in Congress if they all agreed on their pork-filled bill) and the Democrats and the media lumped the blame on McCain for getting in the way while trying to be some cowboy riding in to save the day.

These elections are really starting to bug.

Go BYU!!!! (ranked 8th in the nation)