Thursday, April 29, 2010

Don’t enforce the law or else!

So the other day I was working on a Ponzi scheme that has been operating across state lines when a Provo police officer tried to arrest me. "Not so fast," I exclaimed, "I am breaking a federal law not a state law, you have no right to arrest me." So he apologized for his mistake and let me continue breaking the federal law that he has no power to enforce. I am even considering filing a discrimination complaint with the Provo Police Department because that officer unfairly targeted me because of my skin color; I'm going to make him pay for his audacity to try and arrest me for breaking the law just because I'm a Scandinavian American, we have been persecuted enough.

On that note, Arizona just passed a law essentially saying if you are in the country illegally you will be arrested, jailed, and fined. What a shock, it is illegal to be an illegal alien. Now everyone is throwing a fit saying this law is unconstitutional and it will lead to racial profiling and racism. There are calls to boycott the state of Arizona, the New York governor is urging the MLB to move the All Star game this year out of Arizona, companies are cancelling corporate retreats previously planned in Arizona, and of course Hollywood has jumped on the "hate Arizona" bandwagon. My favorite thing I've read though was an article about illegal immigrants in Arizona who are leaving the state because they don't want to worry about the new law. The funny thing about the article was the people leaving was viewed as a bad thing. I thought that is what the law is going for, to get rid of illegal aliens.

Anyway, I have no problem with people coming to America if they are law abiding people. The problem arises with drug dealers, terrorists, and freeloaders coming across the borders. On a side note, I don't think the third category is that big of a problem, I am more concerned with the millions of freeloaders who are already here.

I am surprised a law like this hasn't been passed sooner. What does Washington expect Arizona to do? The state is being overrun by drug dealers and other illegals and the federal government has all but turned a blind eye to the problem. The issue could be solved very easily, make it a felony to hire illegal aliens. If there are no jobs then people won't come, or at least they will come legally.

Now I don't know how hard it is to get a migrant workers VISA and I'm sure it is pretty difficult; I am all for the process of coming to America being revised to make it more feasible for the poor to comply with the rules and come to this land of opportunity. Perhaps instead of spending billions of dollars on a fence that will never actually be built, and if by some chance it were built would never be that effective. Why don't we spend just millions on revamping the process of coming here and opening more offices in border cities allowing honest people to come to this country. If there aren't thousands coming across, perhaps we can then focus on catching the hundreds coming across the border who actually pose a threat to national security.

Anyway, I would like to hear your thoughts on this hot topic in society today. Feel free to post comments, whether for or against.


Tyson Andelin said...

Thanks for the post Jamon.

Kinda funny. I didn't know there was so much talk about AZ in other states. I have talked to a few friends. Most are for it. I have a few friends that are of Hispanic descent and are legal US citizens and they are against it because of racial profiling. They have already been pulled over due to their skin color (as far as they know) and they just don't want it.

Jamon said...

Tyson, I just had the thought, I wonder if your friends have considered that if illegal immigration wasn't a problem they most likely would not feel discriminated against.