Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I am sick and tired of the government. I posted a couple months ago how I was officially supporting President Obama as long as he did a number of things, used his brain essentially. Well he and the majority of the government are acting like fools, or deliberately trying to bring down capitalism and the American way. I just read an article talking about AIG and how the fed chairman, Ben Bernanke, said "I think if there's a single episode ... that has made me more angry, I can't think of one (other) than AIG,""We really had no choice" but to prop up the company because the consequences of failure could be disastrous. " Oh really, this is a company that cannot succeed on its own, why in the world should I be paying them to continue in their failing ways. No choice? You mean that the supposedly best financial minds in America can come up with nothing better to do than prop up a failing company? That is absurd.

And what is wrong with Obama, he is so full of it. He has said over and over how he will veto any pork that comes across his desk, that he will "call out" congressmen and congresswomen who try to pass wasteful spending bills and yet he keeps signing billions and trillions of dollars of pork laden legislation into effect. If all the proposed budgets and "stimulus" bills are approved, and there is no indication that they won't be approved, then by the end of the year our national debt will be roughly 60% of the nations GDP (gross domestic product). That would be like me working for a company that makes 10 million dollars a year and I get into personal debt to the amount of 6 million dollars, even though my personal salary is much much less than that. Another way to look at it is, total tax revenues approximate 1 trillion dollars a year, with how much the goverment will be in debt is comparable to someone making $50,000 a year being in debt $700,000. That is pathetic.


Elise said...

Yep. I'm pretty sure Obama's goal is to make the economy as crappy as he can (or portray it as crappy as possible) so he has an "excuse" to expand and continue the socialization of America.

If government would stay out of everything, this downturn would last 18 months tops, according to several very smart economists of the Austrian persuasion. I forgot who at the moment.

You should check out my cousin Jake Miller's blog. He always posts fascinating things about the economy.

Sean said...

Wow. I think the one who we should be afraid of controlling America via subversive brainwashing is Sean Hannity, whose bombastic broadcasts and single-minded conclusions are increasingly permeating the blogs of my uber-repub friends. I can hear his voice as I read your post and Elise's comment.

You know that if McCain had been elected then some "bleeding liberal" would be posting something very similar on their blog right now. I also guarantee that until some Copernican revolution happens in Congress, NO bill, Republican or Democratic, will pass through without pork.

While I agree that his presidency thus far has not been everything I had expected or hoped for, I believe that his most powerful message was his "Be the change" slogan from the inauguration.

Is my life any worse than it was a year ago? No. In fact, it's better. Perhaps one guy's positive attitude ain't gonna change Wall Street, but only God knows what will, so I have chosen to live my life the best I can regardless of extraneous factors. Negativity, divisiveness, and blame will only tear this nation apart.

My question to you and to Elise and to anyone else who reams on the government and pines for an anarchic state, is what are YOU doing? Have you called your legislator? Have you tried to see/argue the issue from the other side? (It's amazing how your perspective broadens when you do.) Have you given President Obama the benefit of the doubt? Have you blessed them that curse you, and prayed for them which despitefully use you? How do you know that President Obama does not get down on his knees each night and pray that the Lord will guide him in this time of difficulty? That he does not pray for those like you who despitefully use HIM? Would it not do your sense of inner peace (and perhaps blood pressure) good just to believe that he does?

(And Jamon, know that the only reason I responded to your post so honestly because I know you can take feedback without allowing it to become personal. You are unfortunately getting the brunt of some frustrations I cannot express to others, people who would not respond as well to an opposing viewpoint.)

Jamon said...

Certainly McCain wouldn't have been much better, and I concede the point that Republicans weren't doing much better, and unfortunately around 40% of the pork in the budget passed by Congress (roughly $400 billion) was republican produced. As Glenn Beck said, republicans were taking us to the same place just slower. And yes, I have prayed and continue to pray for Obama and other government leaders, that they will act in a way that will help this great nation. But really, increasing the national debt by 60% percent in one year? And yes part of that was under Bush's watch. Something has to change, and I do need to get more involved in some way.

Jamon said...

But I also am trying to exercise restraint when it comes to hearing or reading things in the news, the hardest thing in politics is knowing what is truth because so much of what is reported is skewed one way or the other.

Dad in Chile said...

Hey Jamon, You have the best picture on a blog that I have seen. It is so expansive, interesting, inspiring, complete, basically awesome.

Elise said...

Sean and Megan-Seriously? Sean Hannity? I actually am of the Ron Paul persuasion and I don't particularly care for Hannity.

And sure, Obama may be trying desperately to do his best, but seriously...government is NOT the answer. What we need is deregulation. Return the free market back to its "free" status.